Saturday, June 30, 2012

Setting 15 - #Humour

From @SuperFail_Bot:

Unknown city – Pointed fingers – Staring faces – Hushed voices.

Quickened breath – Hesitant legs – Jangling tray – Slippery stairs.

Epic fall – Food in hair – Toothy Smile – Laugh everywhere.

Helping hand – Cheerful tones – Friendly students – Known the unknown.

From @SnehaMehra:

“You would be a successful joker! “. He thought it was a joke. Today as he retires, he’s proud that he was courageous to leave his dull job 40 years back and pursue his passion- bringing laughter with his silly but delightful antics. He wasn't just a humourous jester but a pathway for people to find happiness, even if momentary. His last show today and he starts like day one- “People! Let’s laugh it off!”

From @lonelycan:

"You're only good at making people laugh at you, else you're useless!", mocked his friends. He was used to it now! Walking through the lockers, he could still hear their satirical humor about his looks. Little did the fools know that they were the first of the world whom he entertained. Even though an MSc in electrical engineering, the world now acknowledges him as one of the top 50 comedians ever!

From @Kartik_Lunkad:

They giggled, not really laughed but just giggled. They could not understand how two tennis players could fail to win a match or refuse to lose a match for so long. Isner & Mahut weren’t famous men until they dueled for 11 hours to win a match. A sport can be nothing short of a war at times - only with satirical humor in it. Isner finally won that match. He celebrated appropriately, he collapsed.

From @crazyandhow:

Softly he curled the tuft of hair behind her ear. Looked her in the eye; intent and reassurance. A rolled tear gave way to a gentle smile. The one which melted him. She found joy around him, his company. "Thanks for being with me Aarav, you have always been the one for me. Why can't my boyfriend be like you; bastard. Atleast I will always have you as my friend." Aarav gave a hollow laugh and got her hot coffee.

From @kartikiyer:

‘Santa banta pakau jokes, Friends with facebook pokes,
9gag mystery, Tv show ‘khichdi’,
Heartiest laughs on non-veg talks, 3months stinking socks,
Golmaal and home alone, Full night on the phone,
Blackberry without querty, fuck studies lets party,
Drinking, gambling, smoking, Poker loser stripping…
Singing, dancing, jumping, beer and burping
Fridge lights ‘on-and-off’, fucking electric shocks!

What to write on humour,
I don’t have fucking clue….
My brain’s having tumour,
I’m going all blue!


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