Sunday, June 24, 2012

Setting 14 - #Revenge

From @lonelycan:
India rejoiced as it spread its free wings for the first time that
night. He was standing in the corner - smiling, silently reveling in
his victory. His petite frame never felt so taut, never did his breath
feel so light. Today, the last line in his journal entry was, "54
years back, they threw me out of a train. Today I have successfully
thrown them out of their most prized colony."

From @dbijal
At prom, they were voted the King and Queen. Alex and Sandra were perfect. But it didn't last.
Alex was the popular guy in high school. Rich, good looking, smart, athletic, charismatic and chivalourous. He was casanova who broke heart. Alex made his mission to make Sandra his arm candy.
Little he knew, Sandra had agenda of her own. She made this casanova fall in love with her. This was her sweet revenge.

From @SnehaMehra:
Waiting for him in the wedding gown, she gently touched her belly. It was perfect. Except that the wait was endless. She eventually learnt about his betrayal, but couldn’t stop thinking about him. Months later, she felt a kick-first sign of life inside her. This was the only way to end the agony of revenge. She smiled, as the sharp metal entered her body. She had finally rid herself of the last bit of him!

From @SamikshaAdukia:

In eyes of broken-heart, actions of cheated soul,
I am common, I am famous, you'll find me behold,
Envy-disappointment-hate shoo me out of their ring,
Negative-class they are, but damn! They are even inspiring,
I thought I was powerful, but power pities me too
Shows me I am fatal to the mind I enter into,
The victim may-may not die, his guilt dies for sure,
Forgiveness is rare, innocence is scarce, I destroy it all.

From @PrateekJain:

Jay was heading home after an exhausting day but something was still bugging him. He went home and turned off the lights. Sleep was eluding him for weeks. He thought revenge was supposed to ease up his emotional wounds. Instead it’s haunting him. He knows that she is not coming back ever and something inside him tells that he must go to her and ask her forgiveness. In the next moment he left the world.
From @crazyandhow:
Amit’s first reaction was to pick up the blade and barge in to the bastard’s home to kill him. Stab, stab the fuck out of him. See him writhing in pain for sleeping with his girlfriend. He will tackle the bitch later. By the time he knocked his door, it hit him that love soured in his relationship long back. When was the last time they laughed together? And why this revenge today then?

From @VishalVagabond:
Happiness on the sunday afternoon.  She was beaming finally. She had been trailing for the last one hour and now she was up for it. Ready to compete. AH HA !!!
So they thought this 8 yr old girl cannot do anything. *evil grin*
She looked around, who would be her next target. People looked back nervous, shaken by the unexpected.
The Game of Life. REVENGE – sue for damages. Her dad has to pay up !!!

From @Kshitij:

The college rejected Nidhi, it did not give her admission. They broke her heart into pieces and tore her dreams apart. Seven years later, Nidhi had become a psychological counselor. Unable to cope up with the increasing pressure in the classrooms, there were increasing suicides amongst students. The college was begging Nidhi to counsel their students. Nidhi would have none of it. Devoid of all sympathy, Nidhi rejected the offer. This was revenge.

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